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Feast your horny little eyes on 22 year old Pim. Pim is a wild little sex toy with a devious eyes and lipstick usually found on hookers. This is the kind of color that business shirts are terrified of. Luckily for me, my shirt was off so the only remnants of my slut adventure would be the pink ring around my cock. My plan was to just pleasure myself between her pouty lips but knowing her pussy was shaved I just had to slide it for a quick feel. Afterwards I had horny fuck doll Pim suck on my nads before finally shooting a thick wad across her face. Then she wrapped her lips around my cock as my final white jets of funnel fluid sprayed into her wet mouth. I pulled out and told her to look up, open up, and there was a nice creamy view of my load swirling around her tongue.

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Thai Teenies lookin to make a quick buck. Perfect for me because im looking to shoot a quick load. Meet 18 year old Katie from Pattaya. This prime Thai slut turned 18, then promptly filled out an employment form at the nearest Go-Go, now thats what I call initiative! A look of innocence, a taste of freshness, a splash of semen and you’ve got a whore who swallows the whole load. That’s right Katie swallowed jizz for the very first time in her young life. She felt it hit her tongue and made the conscious decision to spit the bitter substance, or swallow it down like the natural born slut she is. I guess it comes natural to some Asian Suck Dolls, while others learn to take it inside their pussies. I guess I can’t complain because I like both but in this instance, Katie satisfied my sexual urges to see a sweet young Asian girl swallow a thick load of cum. Be on the lookout for more from this Thai spinner!

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This weeks Asian Suck Dolls episode features 18 year old Puy. Schoolgirl Puy is a young teen Thai girl looking for extra money for her books. Perfect, the Asian Suck Dolls financial aid office is open for business! I invited the cute Thai girl in to offer her an idea on how she could get a few extra baht to achieve her goal. Well she wasnt surprised to know that in order to continue her education that she would need to study my book worm closely. If I didnt know any better Id guess Puy has sucked many cocks in her life to get her upscale education. In fact im pretty sure shes taking blowjobs 101 at her university, and most likely at the top of her class. My cock only wanted a few minutes of being inside her sweet mouth before finally shooting a nice white facial across her student face. Seriously the facial ending in this episode is epic! Join now to see it all!

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On one of my many Asian sex adventures in Thailand I met a girl named Nuch who had a sweet young face. The kind of face you stare at wishing you could just wreck it with your man juice. Well it turns out that behind the business attire that Nuch was wearing that particular day, she was secretly earning extra cash as a go go dancer. My lucky day? You bet your ass! This cute girl was actually an Asian Suck Doll in disguise and I was about to experience her tight pussy and soft lips. I took her to the nearest short time room and stripped her down faster than a New York minute. After playing with her perky little titties, it was time to experience her heavenly blowjob technique. A minute into it and I wanted to propose! After facefucking Nuch silly, I pounded that pussy in multiple positions! She came all over my cock before I pulled out and splattered my jizz all over her cute face.

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Ding Dong, uh oh I think there’s a Thai whore at the door! Pla is a twenty-something Asian Milf with 20 kids or something but she’s still packing a nice body. Pla was working the disco for some extra cash and promised me the fuck of my life. Uhh sold! She has really long legs, so tall in fact I think I had to stand on my tippie-toes to fuck her. Pla hungrily sucked on my cock and then mounted me and bounced her aged ass up and down my shaft before I took her into the bedroom and plowed her slanted vagina from behind. As I was fucking her I noticed her brown-eye winking at me like it was an invitation. I didn’t need a date for this party as I slid my cock out of her cunt and right back into her ass for some nice anal action. She took it like a champ then I spun her around and shot my entire load into her mouth and she dribbled it out nicely. Ding Dong, Oh man…now who’s here?

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18 year old Bangkok Go-Go dancer Ratana. As with most of the Thai girls making their debut here, Ratana is plenty nervous. Yes she dances buck nekked for countless men with no problem but stick a camera in her face and all of a sudden shes shy…go figure. However its not long before Ratana starts to warm up to the camera..mainly because I am doing my best to warm up that silky smooth Thai pussy with my hands! After Ratana is relaxed and ready to rock and roll, its time to introduce her to the ol trouser snake. Turns out a little cock in mouth action is all this shy little cum slut needed to let out her wild side! After dipping my cock in her TIGHT Asian pussy, it was time to unload a sperm shower of massive proportions and give Ratana the mouthful of cum that she desires! Ahh nothing to cure stage fright like a mouthful of jism!

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Look at these big Thai titties! Feast your eyes on 22 year old Jenny from Pattaya, Thailand. Jenny is a regular over at, so it was only natural that I bring her to Asian Suck Dolls and dump a load of creamy stuff down her throat. Jenny is different than most Asian beauties because she has some above average whoppers. But her true talent comes from her incredible appetite for cum-filled cock. I am not joking when I say this girl has an addition to penis. White dick, brown dick, black dick, apple pie dick, it does not matter! Jenny doesn’t just lick the tip, she devours the whole damn thing until it’s shooting her favorite Asian dish into her warm mouth. Not to mention you get to fuck this premier Asian slut before dumping your life’s ambition down her throat. Cheers to Jenny for being the sweetest little cock sucker in Asia.

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Hottest Asian Suck Dolls episode to date? Ding Ding Ding we’ve got a winner! Joon and Mo, two former Asian Suck Dolls, join forces…on my cock! What do you want in the world more than anything? How about two naked girls in your room, in your bed, fucking umm naked! Yeah, no need to buy flowers, create small talk, or deal with unfastening a bra. They’re aaaalllllready Naked! So what would you stud muffins do in this fantasy situation? It doesn’t matter because I did it for you. Mo & Joon were eager to get the ‘double dip’ treatment and I was happy to oblige. First a little tag team sucking on my cock and balls, then it was time to bury my cock into there silky hairless pussies. Finally I showered both their lips and tongues with my cum and they kissed. Ahhh how sweet! Now get dressed! Seriously fellas this may in fact be one of the hottest scenes I have EVER shot.

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A lot of establishments started recruiting sexy Bangkok girls to dress in Daisy Duke booty shorts with short halter tops and dance up on the bars and speakers. Normally these babes represent the elite class of bar girl since they get top salary and don’t have to take any clothes off. However, I did find one diamond in the ruff and her name is Teaw. She has to be one of the prettiest girls in Thailand. Pay attention boys because you’re about to see the most amazing coyote dancer suck, fuck, and swallow my entire load in one gulp. The sexual force is strong with this one! Peep the video for all the exclusive porn action. You won’t see this girl anywhere else on the net.

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