Crack Whores and Hookers

Strawberry has been leading a secret double life for almost a decade. Her big black husband has no idea that she is out hooking right now. She is sucking and fucking johns straight off the street or clients as Strawberry likes to call them. She is a bit camera shy but is not afraid of [...]

Carly is real Nasty Crack Whore. She says she loves the street life and enjoys the Hustle more than Crack itself. I doubt that. She describes going to Rehab 9 times every time failing at staying clean. Carly has been given so many chances from so many people and she has disappointed all of them. [...]

Jessi is one fucked up whore. She loves to get high on crack but thats not all. Jessi discovered a much cheaper way to kill her brain-cells: an Air Duster key board cleaning spray she calls Duster Muffin. This shit makes her voice very deep and then knocks her the fuck out. Jessi can barely [...]

Suzy is the self proclaimed hardest working hood rat in town. Suzy really knows how to nurture her dates. Her motherly love includes giving them hand jobs and an occasional sandwich for the good little boys. If you have 20 bucks she will have you for a hot lunch too. Listen as Suzy shares all [...]

Peggy is a Big Ol Girl. She says she has lost over 100 pounds since she started Snorting Roxies up her nose. Still got a long way to go if you ask me. Peggy aint that bright either. She was beaten for 5 years by her boyfriend. She tells how he ran her over with [...]

Georgia is has run the trifecta of dysfunction. She has spent time in Jail Rehab and the Psych Ward. Georgia is following in her familys foot steps as they are locked up too. So it is a family reunion for her when she gets thrown in jail. Georgia tells Rotten Ralph there is nothing she [...]

You got to pay to play with Susan. Susan says she never gives it up for free. She was looking forward to meeting Cracker Jack after hearing word on the street she could make her internet debut. Susan loves her long term clients. She has one old man that has been hitting it for years. [...]

Loraine is the living stereotype of a href=”;1443888:revshare:ghetto”>trailer park hooker. She lost her teeth from hitting the pipe href=”;1443888:revshare:ghetto”>smoking rock and crystal. You can still see the scars from her picking at herself while doing crystal. Loraine just dont give a fuck. She lost her kids to the state due to her href=”;1443888:revshare:ghetto”>fucked up life. [...]

Sadie started her slippery slope to working the streets by raiding moms medicine cabinet. Once Sadie became an addict she was a full time street walker. Sadie says the most guys she has done in one day was 20 guys. Rotten Ralph asks Sadie what the the weirdest shit she put in her pussy was. [...]

Slammin Sammy is a self admitted psycho deluxe. She says she is a real secretive person that hates nosey Motha Fuckas. So needless to say Sammy was a hostile subject to interview. Sammy hates mind games and people screwing with her head. Probably because she has never won a battle of the wits. She was [...] - Buy and Sell Adult Traffic