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Nikitas momma was a street walking hooker and ended up pregnant and in jail. That is where Nikita starts her fucked up life story. Now Nikita is walking right in her moms footsteps selling her ass in a filthy rat hole apartment to feed her habit. Nikita is no stranger to prison herself she just [...]

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Samantha just lost her day job as a church secretary. I wonder if the preacher found out about her extra circular activates. She also lost her waitress job. Now Samantha is a full time two bit whore. When asked about her hooking Samantha exclaims that any bitch that says she loves sucking dick is a [...]

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MJ is a total hardcore partying prostitute. She will do anything she can get her hands on when it comes to drugs and sex. Rotten Ralph and Crazy Craven are going to keep MJs hands full giving her a tag team and hitting that ass. MJ has insane stories like putting a baseball bat in [...]

Bianca shares her shocking story of how her Mom turned her out and introduces her to her drug habits. So it is no wonder Bianca is a drug addicted street walking hooker. Bianca also tells the insane tale of her illegitimate baby. You have to hear the words straight from Bianca s mouth to believe [...]

Rosemary is a high priced west coast hooker that turned ghetto. Rosemary even claims that she worked for the infamous Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. Rosemary may have an expensive boob job but they dont make her the money they used to. Now she is turning tricks in the ghetto and sleazy motel rooms. There are [...]

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Kodi is a street walking hooker from up north. She is saving up money to get her brother out of jail. Currently her mom is locked up too for multiple DUIs. Kodi tells all about how she is no stranger to jail and rehab herself. Kodi is fighting an uphill battle though between saving money [...] - Buy and Sell Adult Traffic